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Jay Amiri our customizer started his passion with redesigning shoes in the basement of his apartment. Very soon he realized that he is good and people recognized the shoes. He got asked rather they can have custom shoes themselves. This is how JBA was founded. Soon he tried new things and continued doing his work on clothes and other Items. Also Paintings caught his attention as he can float in his art work.

Jay By Amiri offers modern energy, design and personalized accessories. Jay Amiri made his hobby his work and launched this site in 2021.

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Custom Made Nike Air
Original Paint by JBA
Custom Made Baby Shoes
Original Paint by JBA
Custom Made
Custom Made Baby shoes
Custom Shoes

Our ability to develop unique designs is rooted in our history and your reality. We introduce customized shoes and accessories to our audience now.

Jay likes his creative work to go along with airbrush designs and different materials, which he typically weaves into the original design of the shoe or the accessory. In 2021 JBA created its Website for custom made shoes, clothes, Paintings and accessories.

More than ever, we want you to benefit from our service and tell us what you want.  

Call us, discuss with us and lets us create for you!

Original Crown Paint by JBA

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For more pictures and videos check our Instagram Side: Jay by Amiri